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Deconceptualize – Zur Dekonstruktion des Konzeptuellen in Kunst, Film, Musik

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With DeConceptualize – Zur Dekonstruktion des Konzeptuellen in Kunst, Film, Musik, Stefan Römer presents—after Strategien des Fake (2001) and Inter-esse (2014)—his third theoretical book, which was made possible by the Berlin Artistic Research Grant Programme. Römer shows how formerly self-defined Conceptual art is being stripped of its emancipatory power by means of institutional administration: The application of principles of entrepreneurship and academization deprive it of its epistemic potential—the unification of theory and practice. In contrast, Römer practices self-exploration, self-defense, and self-empowerment in deconceptual writing as notation, essay, image, and material. His deconceptualization of art contrives, by means of a multi-layered critique of the usual discourses, a new kind of artistic REALsearch.

Sold out


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