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Courier #44 2021/22

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There are some stories and topics that get us going a bit more than others. In this issue, we’ve picked 10 fascinating (and often overlooked) themes that’ll guide our coverage in 2022 – from AI and inclusion to supply chains and universal design. We also show how to improve your mind, body and goals – with tips on everything from facing your fears and managing expectations to getting off the grid. In our Briefings section, we ask if fashion rental is really an eco-friendly option, look at how more

Gen Alpha will shape the future of consumer spending and check out how small businesses can boost their packaging game. Plus, we learn how Canada Goose is flying high despite ethics concerns, dive into the ramen revolution and speak to James Whitner about building a streetwear empire for the people. Then, head to Workshop to learn the art of crowdfunding, how to start a video game company, launch a consultancy, pull off a limited drop and even make your website more eco-friendly. We also head to Lagos for a small businesses tour, find out how five friends in Scotland have got their sights on redefining blended whisky, get the inside track on outdoor adventure brand Camp Yoshi, which launched in 2020 to help black communities reconnect with the wilderness, and meet the Swedish founders of padel brand TWOTWO.

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