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Conversations Across Place


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Conversations Across Place (CAP) provides a publishing platform for international artists and writers engaging with landscape in the broader sense of geography, ecology, space, place, built and ‘natural’ environments.more

Contemporary discourse focused on decolonial, feminist and queer methodologies is underscored through a variety of subjects and themes in order to reveal historical and present-day entanglements. The format of ‘conversation’ – of translation and dialogue – frames this project, which originated in a process-based workshop. Artists, writers and architects gathered to converse across the borders that divide places and disciplines, enacting the tangling that already exists in our plural ecosystems.

Volume I: The first volume of Conversations Across Place grapples with the reflexive relationships of extraction, ruination and reverberation, working towards solidarity across places and perspectives. Within and between the essays, texts, interviews/conversations and artwork that make up the book, landscapes both metaphorical and material are mapped onto each other producing new images of liminal times and spaces that provide a critical opportunity to reassess diverse relationships to the world. The book uses queer and decolonial methods as explicit tools of disorientation, questioning the clarity of time and space that rises from a Western cis-heteronormative and imperial context. Rather than a field guide, this book proposes a constellation of material – a horizontal network made of various perspectives which together may point in new directions.

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