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Catalyst Spring 2019

Catalyst Spring 2019

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From the editorial letter of Catalyst's Spring issue 2019: Labor is front and center in this issue of Catalyst. We start with Matt Huber making the case that for the Left to make any headway in confronting the ecological crisis, it’s going to have to shift gears. more

The twin pillars of environmentalism today are individualistic lifestyle politics and a call for reducing consumption. But after fifty years of stagnant wages and declining standards of living, working people are unlikely to flock to a movement that is calling for more austerity. Without a firm base in the working class, the movement cannot hope to achieve its goals, all of which will require confronting the most powerful elements of the capitalist class. Huber traces the history of the environmental movement, sketching its capture by a professional and elite stratum, and then presents a strategy for a working-class ecological movement.

Sold out


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