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Canvas Magazine Sept./Oct. 2019

Canvas Magazine Sept./Oct. 2019

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In its issue ‘SINK OR SWIM’ Canvas explores the flurry of collaborations between artists and big banks, the corporate overlords and the gatekeepers of global finance, while wondering how this symbiotic relationship affects the advancement of both industries at large. more

How does art fare when money is not an issue? Similarly, what good is the accumulation of wealth in certain markets? Our cover story is a film still from author and screenwriter Bret Easton Ellis’s fittingly titled The Arrangement – the outcome of a cutting-edge collaboration with Saint Laurent for the art project, Self. In Sink or Swim, we examine the interconnections and possibilities that materialize with this merger between luxury branding and art-making. Conglomerates and creatives are part of the same ecosystem; Sink or Swim zeroes in on the pool.

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