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Bittersweet – Susan Cain

How to Turn Sorrow Into Beauty, Creativity and Love

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In her latest #1 New York Times bestseller, the author of the bestselling phenomenon Quiet reveals the power of a bittersweet, melancholic outlook on life, and why our culture has been so blind to its value. If you’ve ever wondered why you like sad music. If you find comfort or inspiration in a rainy day. If you react intensely to music, art, nature, and beauty. Then you probably identify with the bittersweet state of mind. With her mega-bestseller, Quiet, Susan Cain urged our society to cultivate space for the undervalued, indispensable introverts among us, thereby revealing an untapped power hidden in plain sight. Now, she employs the same mix of research, storytelling, and memoir to explore why we experience sorrow and longing, and the surprising lessons these states of mind teach us about creativity, compassion, leadership, spirituality, mortality and love.

Sold out


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