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Benji Knewman #9 2019

Benji Knewman #9 2019

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Benji Knewman, a Magazine from Latvia, prints stories out of life. They are experiences, documentaries of trips, reflections on onesself, hazy memories, and subjective opinions. And the best: They are all written well. It is fun to read and to be thrown into the state of mind from one person to the next. In this issue we loved especially the travelogue of Izabela Anna Moren, from her trip to the Manifesta in Palermo. Written with ease and power of observation, it transports you right into the streets of Palermo.

And we are happy to announce… more

if you turn to page 198, you will find our bookstand at Art Basel / Design Miami as the background of a photograph.

Sold out

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