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Atmos #2 2019

Atmos #2 2019

25,00  inkl. MwSt., zzgl. Versand

This issue of Atmos is built almost like an atlas to explore. The stories appear in geographical order, bookended by the shifting ice around the North and South poles – the Frontlines of our climate crisis. And so we embark on a journey around the world full of underground communication networks between trees, more

man made glaciers, biodiverse territory in the middle east, mystical tales of ancestors reincarnated in whales, and sand mining (spoiler: we are running out of it!). What we find is that our world is beautiful, mysterious, rich in magical tales – and dreadfully in danger.⁠ But the title Latitude does not only refer to coordinates but also to freedom and action. So get in to action. It’s time.⁠


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