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Atlas of the Invisible

Maps & graphics that will change how you see the world

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Sometimes we miss what we can’t step back to see. Sometimes the invisible only appears with the creep of time. And sometimes, in the case of historical events, the visible becomes invisible with the loss of a generation. Graphics give us the power to zoom out, to compare, to remember. Data has the power to expose truths that some would prefer to keep out of view. This book examines inequalities in happiness, unpaid labour and pollution levels and more

exposes where eviction, gender-based violence and unexploded ordnance threaten the lives of our fellow humans. It shows how the climate crisis is influencing everything from hurricanes to the hajj. Humans measure glacial loss in Alaska and sea level rise in the Marshall Islands; the book reveals how high-tech solutions can help us monitor changes in the atmosphere and respond to problems on the ground. Data have the power to increase our understanding of the world, but there are tradeoffs. How should we strike a balance between the pros and cons? In an era when a single tweet contains more data than text, it’d help if our policymakers understood the technology they’re meant to regulate.

Sold out


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