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Architecture After War – Bohdan Kryzhanovsky (ed.)

A Reader

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This publication, co-published with Ukrainian platform CANactions, brings together wide-ranging essays on the subject of post-war reconstruction. Produced in the light of the current invasion of Ukraine, it covers a spectrum of historical examples and geographic contexts to navigate the challenges and opportunities that define post-war reconstruction and war-related issues within the field of architecture. Considering urban planning, education, building materials, and innovative spatial relations, it centres around the human experience of the built environment in the aftermath of war. With a preface by editor Bohdan Kryzhanovsky, this reader presents theoretical and practical explorations of an urgently timely topic, offering a basis for wider conversation as well as a handbook of ideas for architects and planners and a pragmatic guide for shaping the future of Ukrainian cities.

Essays by Gruia Badescu, Jan Knikker and Fokke Moerel, Silke Langenberg, Peter Larkham, John Pendlebury, Wendy Pullan, Andrea Urushima, Lynnette Widder, and Patrick Zamarian

Sold out


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