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Altri sguardi / Other Gazes – Number 1 – Parco Archeologico, Venosa

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With Other Gazes, a book series promoted by the Directorate-General of Museums of the Ministry of Culture, we embark on a photographic journey through Italy’s museum landscapes: archaeological areas, house museums, monuments and museums in the most traditional sense are offered to the lens of great photographers. A series – curated by art historian Maura Picciau – to explore Italy’s lesser-known museums and places through the eyes of great photographers and the words of writers and critics, and rediscover the Italian artistic heritage with other gazes. In Unfinished alphabet, Olivo Barbieri explores the town of Venosa, home to Horace and the Incompiuta (“unfinished”) church, a bright and rural South whose still tangible peasant tradition is told through the authentic words of Franco Arminio. Venosa is the connective tissue that brings a distant past into the present: Barbieri’s intense shots capture its originality, while Francesco Zanot closes the volume with a profound aesthetic analysis.

Sold out


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