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A Little History of Literature

John Sutherland

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Part of the Little Histories Series by Yale University Press, a Little History of Literature is an accessible introduction for young readers and grown-ups to the fantastic world of literature, showing how literary work can transport us and help us make sense of what it means to be human.

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English lecturer and emeritus professor John Sutherland assembles one of the most useful guides to the world of literature existing today. Leafing the pages of this book you get a sense that Sutherland knows what he’s talking about, but mostly, that he is deeply passionate about it. The book helps the average reader of literature optimise his or her experience, guided by witty references, simple language and an easy flowing pace. A little history of literature undoubtedly succeeds in drawing the big picture about almost everything involving the topic, from Greek mythology and epics to the rise of the novel with Daniel Defoe’s Robinson’s Crusoe and Gulliver’s Travels of Jonathan Swift, to key works of English authors and a select of beautiful minds of world literary canon.

Available in store with the rest of little histories series by Yale University Press!

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