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A Book of Modern Muses


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MUSEA: A book of modern muses is inspired by Adrian Cheng’s innovative cultural-retail project, K11 MUSEA, a new destination in Hong Kong that fuses cutting-edge art and exhibitions with a vibrant retail experience. more

Each chapter reflects the thoughtful curation you would find at K11 MUSEA and explores modern-day muses of creativity around the world through original artwork, photography, fiction and essays from Jefferson Hack, James Corner, Hans Ulrich, Bao Ho, Sarah Howe and Jane Goodall among many others. The book aims to highlight K11 Group’s ongoing commitment to and passion for, the propagation of Hong Kong’s art and cultural scene. Adrian Cheng, Founder K11 Group; Executive Vice-Chairman, New World Development Hong Kong commented, “It is empowering to see K11 MUSEA’s strong impact in the UK, through the successful launch of MUSEA: A book of modern muses. Working with the world’s finest creatives to inject art, architecture, design, sustainability and all forms of cultures into Hong Kong is an enriching experience which I will continue in the years to come.”

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