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Zines #2020 - 1

Zines #2020 – 1

An International Journal on Amateur and DIY Media

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Published twice a year by Strandflat, edited by Samuel Etienne, ZINES is an international peer journal dedicated to studies of amateur and do-it-yourself media of any kind, more

from fanzines to webzines, perzines to science zines, artzines to poezines, etc. Featuring: Lyla Byers & Anthony Kwame Harrison on unconventional pedagogies in higher education; Izabeau Legendre on Quebec feminist bookstore L’Euguélionne; Laura López Casado on the study of queer-feminist zines in the Iberian Peninsula; Lambrini Papadopoulou on a Greek prison zine aiming to disrupt and defy the mainstream’s media narrative, and much more.

Sold out


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