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Revue Faire

To look at things #31-34

28,50  inkl. MwSt., zzgl. Versand

Critical publications dedicated to the analysis of Graphic Design are sadly few and far between today, particularly in France, but also in Europe as a whole. Adopting an analytical and critical posture with regard to the forms and activities of Graphic Design, Sacha Léopold and François Havegeer established in 2017 a printed publication that deals with these practices. nº 31 — The Serving Library: interview with Stuart Bertolotti-Bailey. nº 32 — A Graphic Designer and Illustrator: Bráulio Amado. nº 33 — Ligneous, tentacular forms: Decorative invasions and man eating plants. nº 34 — An award: What is a most beautiful book?


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