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Revue Faire #31-34

To look at things

28,50  inkl. MwSt., zzgl. Versand

Critical publications dedicated to the analysis of Graphic Design are sadly few and far between today, particularly in France, but also in Europe as a whole. Adopting an analytical and critical posture with regard to the forms and activities of Graphic Design, Sacha Léopold and François Havegeer established in 2017 a printed publication that deals with these practices. more

nº 31 — The Serving Library: interview with Stuart Bertolotti-Bailey. nº 32 — A Graphic Designer and Illustrator: Bráulio Amado. nº 33 — Ligneous, tentacular forms: Decorative invasions and man eating plants. nº 34 — An award: What is a most beautiful book?


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