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Pressing Matters #16 2021

Pressing Matters #16 2021

16,00  inkl. MwSt., zzgl. Versand

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Printmaking is a useful prism to look at life through, using art to explore a world of your own creation or take a deep dive into the things you love – be that nature, architecture or in some cases skulls and flames. more

In the pages of this issue, we see our featured artists stretch out into their worlds through the medium of ink and paper, with fantastic and often thought-provoking results. We’re excited to have opened up our magazine insert to the printmaking community – we launched our ‘Black & Red’ insert challenge on Instagram at the start of May and it was fabulous seeing all of the submissions throughout the month. We’re pleased to showcase a wide variety of entries along with the winner. We hope you enjoy checking out a selection of wonderful work, made with just two colours.



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