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Pressing Matters #10 2020

Pressing Matters #10 2020

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As Pressing Matters start a new year, new ideas and projects come to the fore – exciting experiments and the appetite to take on a new technique or push a style further. more

Whether you are like our minimal, monochrome cover stars Jollygoodfellow, or Mark Wheatley and Chris Sleath with their fizzy colour prints, it’s clear there’s plenty of space to explore in your given field and you printmakers seem to be doing this in ever more creative ways. There’s also a sense that printmakers are getting more aware of the impact of printing on the environment and looking closer at sustainability in their practices. Artist Sarah Gillespie’s etching of moths highlight the steep decline of these wonderful insects and a group of masked letterpress disruptors list the re-use of materials as a key point in their manifesto. Even ideas can be recycled and re-defined, with Nanette Wallace’s haunting monoprints a reminder that working with what you have can make for richer narratives in prints and surprising, unplanned moments.

Sold out

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Dimensions: 28 × 21 × 1 cm