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Idn #28/1 2022 – Pattern Making & Design

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Regularity and consistency are crucial factors for any pattern design. Our world is filled with all kinds of patterns: you can find them in Nature, including symmetries, trees and other structures with a fractal dimension, spirals, meanders, waves, foams, tilings, cracks and stripes. In this issue, we feature 39 designers who are maestros of pattern design. Although each have their own individual design approach and execution plan, they share similar opinions on what makes a good pattern. To be eye-catching is a must. And though each reflects its creator’s personal style, an harmonious composition is common to most. On top of that, the pattern should be applicable in various mediums, some being developed as part of an overall identity system. We ask these creatives to share their thoughts on what they think the future trend for pattern design might be.

Sold out


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