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Idn #25/2 2018 - Report

Idn #25/2 2018 – Report, Brochure & Catalogue

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Idn v25n2 is all about Report, Brochure and Catalogue Design and the question whether it is a dull chore or satisfyingly challenging act? more

The ideal layout scenario for any graphic designer is virtual equivalence between the amount of space taken up by text and images. There is one area, however, in which such a goal is almost bound to be unachievable – that of designing reports, brochures and catalogues. Annual reports are by definition data-driven, while brochures and catalogues invariably involve a greater proportion of graphics to text. The point of them is to be attracted by the illustrations, which have to speak louder than words.

Sold out

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Dimensions:23 × 16 × 1.5 cm