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Gas Book 28


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Yoshirotten, born in 1983, is based in Tokyo, though his clients are spread across New York, Berlin and other big cities worldwide. He is incredibly active with his graphic design and art direction work, such as furnishing the interior of the Ace Hotel in New York, designing record jackets for Boys Noize, DJ Hell, m-flo and others, making zines, designing Halloween costumes for an opening ceremony, coordinating production with Jaxa Cosmode, as well as collaborations with various fashion brands. He has done over a hundred music-related designs at least in Japan alone. He himself belongs to a musical unit known as “YATT” that embodies the crossover between musical and visual realms. Additionally, as a graphic artist, he actively creates personal artwork and zines, and was recently featured on the cover of the 88th issue of the Berlin art magazine “Lodown” in which he was also interviewed.

Sold out


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