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Eye #98 2019

Eye #98 2019

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The designers of the fonts shown in the extensive ‘Type now’ section span the globe, our other stories focus on Europe. Eye Magazine investigates the legacies of Swiss designers Thérèse Moll and Ernst Keller and, in the Netherlands, the explorations of Hansje van Halem and Bram De Does, creator of the sublime Trinité and Lexicon. more

They look at Paul Barnes’s excavation of the St Bride ‘treasure trove’, and the artefacts, photographed by John Bodkin and Philip Sayer, that inspired Commercial Classics. There were many moments during the making of Eye #98 when the editors thought about the late Gerard Unger, whose Theory of Type Design is reviewed by Peter Biľak. In the world of type and typography, Unger’s benign influence remains essential.

Sold out


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