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Collecting Graphic Design

Jens Müller

26,17  inkl. MwSt., zzgl. Versand

Modern graphic design has existed for more than a hundred years. In an exciting history of evolution, the discipline has evolved and established itself worldwide. The fact that we can trace this development in detail today is largely thanks to archives and collections that preserve posters, logos, book covers, design manuals, and small printed matter. The natural short-lived nature of many of these media, the ever-changing visual zeitgeist, and the fact that graphic design is always a reflection of contemporary history make its history incredibly appealing. This book presents ten specialized graphic design archives and collections from all over the world—from traditional institutions to private initiatives. Curators and collectors show favourite exhibits and highlights from their collections, tell the stories behind the artifacts, and report on their work in in-depth interviews. The book presents collections and archives from Berlin, Buenos Aires, Milan, Paris, San Francisco, and Tokyo. An appendix features more than 60 other international collections in brief.



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