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Brutales Luzern

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Brutales Luzern presents Brutalism in the Swiss Canton of Lucerne. In recent years, the phenomenon of Brutalism has enjoyed great international attention. The 53 portraits in this publication present the incredible diversity of this expressive architecture in the Lucerne region. It is incredible how much the relatively small region of 1,500 square kilometres has to offer. The most important buildings from the 1960s and 1970s are presented chronologically, including numerous photographs, compact, detailed information and extensively documented plans. The selection of private and public buildings, such as schools, municipal administrations, homes for the elderly, churches, monasteries, missionary and theological colleges, industrial facilities and infrastructure, is remarkable. It includes outstanding and widely appreciated buildings, as well as lesser known examples. A plan provides an overview of the buildings and an essay locates Swiss Brutalism in an architectural-historical context. The book also serves as a useful travel guide for architecture enthusiasts.

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