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Warhol - Tate Introductions


Tate Introductions

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This book is an introduction to Andy Warhol’s life and work and was published to coincide with Transmitting Andy Warhol, a major exhibition at Tate Liverpool. Fully illustrated in colour Tate Introductions: more

Andy Warhol is part of the popular series that offers a concise introduction and pictorial overview of the greatest modern artists and artistic movements. Warhol’s work reflected and commented on contemporary themes in American society: consumerism; celebrity; mass production; disaster and death. To capture these ideas he used a wide range of iconic images: Coca Cola; Marilyn Monroe; Elvis Presley; the electric chair; the crashed car; the race riot; and the atomic bomb. His openness to subject matter was matched by a willingness to explore all media, resulting in his innovative approach to painting, photography, drawing and printmaking, and his influential activity as an experimental filmmaker.

Sold out


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