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Turps Banana #21 2019

Turps Banana #21 2019

Painting Magazine

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Editorial Note from Turps Banana #21: If you have a tie-up between the museum, the dealers, and the market, the artist who fills their collective brief can do almost anything and expect to get a sort of structure that will carry him. more

On the level of official recognition, the curator is a promoter who then lends further reinforcement by, very often, writing about the work. And the dealer meliorates as the items find a public. We can say there’s a sort of wheel, and the art that comes out is more involved with sociology of whatever cultural milieu or circle the artist is involved in, than some real well-spring of expression. And I can’t see that limitations in any kind of formal sense has any part in that. It seems to have to do more with what materials are available ‘on instruction’ from within the closed circle.

Sold out

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