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Towards No Earthly Pole

Julian Charriere

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Edited with text by Dehlia Hannah. Text by Francesca Benini, Amanda Boetzkes, Anna Katherine Brodbeck, Scott MacKenzie, Anna Westerstahl Stenport, Shane McCorristine, Nadim Samman, Katrin Weilenmann. more

Conversation with Dehlia Hannah, Konrad Steffen. Afterword by Julian Charrière, Dehlia Hannah.

The glacial environments of Iceland, Greenland, Mont Blanc and Switzerland appear as one sublime landscape in this interrogation of the artist as explorer. French-Swiss artist and explorer Julian Charrière (born 1987) has long explored issues related to transformations in nature and the role humans play in such processes. In the cinematic work Towards No Earthly Pole, Charrière combines various ice landscapes into a sensual, poetic universe. The work relates to the current climate crisis through his engagement with the topography of glacial landscapes and the figure of the artist as investigator and explorer. To realize the film, the artist traveled with his team to some of the most inhospitable areas on earth. In his photographs, videos and objects, Charrière upends the images and concepts we have of these regions, appealing to our capacity to marvel at the world.

Sold out


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