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To Cut A Long Story Short… – Maurizio Nannucci

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The internationally renowned Italian artist Maurizio Nannucci (Florence, 1939) stands out by his open, permeable art approach and practices that are targeting eye and mind, visual perception and cognitive processes. Since the mid-1960s Nannucci explores the complex relationship between visual art, language, inner space as well as urban context whereby focusing on themes relevant to society at large. Inspired by linguistic and conceptual paradigms he has created his very own body of work. On the search of artistic answers to a world in continuous change Nannucci developed an interdisciplinary art practice that opens up a new holistic way of art making and art viewing related to linguistic signs, colour and spatial structures. From the 1960s up until now he uses a variety of media and means: neon light, photography, video, sound, artist’s books, multiples, editions.



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