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This is Sirai Seiichi

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Shirai Seiichi(1905-1983) was a unique architect who made a strong impression in postwar Japan. Throughout his lifetime, he continually revealed profound works that seemed to sound a warning bell against the state of the time as Japan hurtled toward its future as a mass society.
Part I of the exhibition will provide an overview of Shirai’s work, from his early wooden architecture to the monumental creations of his later years. It will also focus on his personal and cultural networks in search of a new portrait of the architect.
In Part 2, the Shoto Museum of Art building – itself a leading representation of work from Shirai’s twilight years – will be “unveiled” after transforming it to how it looked at its opening in 1981. Visitors will be also to experience the sense of spaciousness and light that Shirai was able to create within the limited confines of the site.

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