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The Sausage of the Future –

Carolien Niebling

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The Sausage of the Future provides alternative, environment friendly ways in the art of sausage-making.

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The future of sausage is at stake. The rise of vegetarianism and veganism signals the retreat of meat production, putting sausages in an existential crisis. The Sausage of the Future is perfectly aware of the environmental pressure caused by meat production and tries to think of alternative ways to preserve the craft of sausage making. Carolien Niebling, editor of this book asked the help of a chef of molecular gastronomy, a master butcher and a designer to examine the tradition of sausage production and came up with new techniques using a range of unaccustomed ingredients, such as nuts, vegetables, and, insects. Highly accessible and beautifully designed, this book will certainly excite the sausage fanatic and the general food enthusiast in the same vein.

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