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The Drone Chronicles 2001-2016

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The Drone Chronicles' maps the evolution and increasing integration of drones in our society, from the American invasion in Afghanistan in 2001 onwards. The limitless applications of drones and a series of quite extraordinary stories in which they figure are highlighted in this chronicle. All the articles included here derive from different international media outlets, in which ethical and political questions about drone usage are reviewed from a variety of perspectives. more

The extensive catalogue looks at the production of drones, which is growing exponentially. All the models introduced onto the market between 2001 and 2016—either for commercial or military purposes—are organized by release date and presented along with their technical specifications. The manufacturers are listed by country in the catalogue’s index, proposing a comparative geopolitical reading, equal to that of an atlas.

Rob van Leijsen is a Geneva-based graphic designer working in a variety of disciplines.

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