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The Complex Answer – Chus Martinez

20,56  inkl. MwSt., zzgl. Versand

The Complex Answer presents the reader with a selection of texts—from 2010 to 2021—that introduce an exercise in how a practice of art and exhibition making has been influenced by philosophical thinking. One form of thinking oriented towards the production of an epistemological space where art is not illustrating ideas but enacting thinking and activating experience as an epistemological force that slowly erodes and, eventually, erases the culture-nature divide.

All the texts have been published before and yet—for the sake of creating a dramaturgy and stressing the thesis—they have been reedited and partly rewritten. The texts aim to enforce the idea that art is an intelligence that is influenced by ideas and the emergence of new notions but also thinking through experience. An experience that is aesthetic and epistemological in equal terms.



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