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Studies of the Female Form – Duncan Hannah (2nd edition)

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Second edition (750 copies) of Studies of the Female Form by Duncan Hannah first published by Dashwood Books in 2019 features thirteen new drawings and an alternate cover.Duncan Hannah is a self-described ?idiosyncratic? painter, having emerged improbably from New York?s punk scene as a figurative artist obsessed with painterly technique and single-mindedly focused on reviving the narrative tradition in painting. His work is informed by mid-20th century British representational artists and American titans Edward Hopper and Winslow Homer, as well as mavericks such as Balthus and Fairfield Porter. Studies of the Female Form includes drawings made in various mediums over the past decade. It forms part of a series of books published by Dashwood since 2012 featuring drawings, paintings and photographs produced in the format of a paperback novel.

Sold out


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