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Queer - Documents of Contemporary Art


Documents of Contemporary Art

22,00  inkl. MwSt., zzgl. Versand

‘Queer’ edited by David J. Getsy is part of the acclaimed ‘Documents of Contemporary Art‘ series of anthologies.

Rather than a book of queer theory for artists, this is a book of artists’ queer tactics and infectious concepts. In the first such anthology to be centred on artist’s writings, numerous conversations about queer practice are brought together from diverse individual, social, cultural contexts.more

Together these texts describe and examine the ways in which artists have used the concept of queer as a site of political and institutional critique, as a framework to develop new families and histories, as a spur to action, and as a basis from which to declare inassimilable difference.


Publisher: Whitechapel Gallery Article number: 23653 Category: Tags: , ,
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