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Palais de Tokyo #32 2021

Palais de Tokyo #32 2021

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In an echo to appeals in the collective exhibition Ubuntu, a Lucid Dream—calls for revolt, as well as for wisdom and reparation—the issue 32 of the magazine PALAIS is published on the occasion of a programme of exhibitions at the Palais de Tokyo (26.11 2021 – 20.03 2022), which foregrounds artists whose practices cross borders and restore the capacity for action, to ideas, forms, and cultures which are more nomadic than static. Within spaces of conflict, past and present, these artists affirm equality and exchange as vital principles. Their artistic imaginaries are rooted in more

a world in which there are clearly no longer any centres, and indeed they help to multiply outwards the number of poles of attraction. But this fragmentation does not occlude history, quite the contrary: along with diasporas and creolization, narratives of liberation and emancipation as well as of violent stories of territorial dispossession and forced displacement emerge throughout the exhibitions, always more lucid and more audible. Beyond their singular forms of poetry, these artists mobilize and share imaginaries that are not national but rather continental, and whose tectonic shifts are irreversible.

Sold out

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