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Oscar Tuazon – Live

46,54  inkl. MwSt., zzgl. Versand

Oscar Tuazon’s work comprises large scale installations and sculptures, usually combines natural and industrial materials. Tinted by do-it-yourself etho, minimalist aesthetic, and vernacular architecture, his art maintains a precarious quality that questions the limits of objects and architecture, to redefine the physical experience of a building or a space.
Vol. 1 concentrates on a major exhibition of new sculptural works at Museum Ludwig. A full-scale reproduction of fragments of the artist’s house in Los Angeles grafted onto the architecture of the Ludwig museum, the exhibition collapses two spaces together, producing a strange third space.
Vol. 2 comprises a photographic monograph of selected works covering the artist’s unconventional production over the past five years. Combining documentation of significant individual works, exhibitions, and large-scale installations with the artist’s own production documentation of works in the studio, the book is a unique look at works in progress.



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Dimensions: 29 × 25 × 3,5 cm