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Off the Rails #17 2020

Off the Rails #17 2020

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From the editors letter: Well then, this is our last issue of Season 3 and 2020, let’s face it, 2020 can fuck off. We had always planned to end this season with a bang. Season 3 we spent learning how we wanted to present ourselves to the world, more

as we’d finally gone to mass print and hit stockists globally. We felt like we had to re-educate our viewers and ourselves with who we actually are and what we represent. Issue 17 is a perfect example of the journey we have undertaken. A true representation of the art we want to share with you and the balls out way we present it to you. I truly believe this our greatest issue yet. We’ve said this before, but the contributors and art inside is on a whole new level. 2020 has been a massive struggle for me personally and I am sure everyone else too, but these pages show how artists and creatives can come together even in the worst of circumstances.

Sold out

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Dimensions: 30 × 21 × 1.7 cm