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No Photos On The Dancefloor!

No Photos On The Dancefloor!

Berlin 1989 - Today

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No Photos on the Dancefloor!’ is the first photo-documentation of the Berlin club scene from 1989 until today.

It’s 1989. The Berlin Wall has fallen and the city’s youth are tasting a new found freedom. Throughout Europe, electronic dance music is powering nightclubs and fueling day-long raves, which makes Berlin—a city hit by economic hardship and with acres of empty warehouses and factories—the perfect incubator for an underground music scene. more

This book brings that scene, which continued for nearly three decades, to life. Taking its name from a strict ban on cameras in the city’s nightclubs, this book documents Berlin’s club culture. Martin Eberle take readers inside the empty rooms of clubs like Tresor, Panasonic, Ibiza, and Dirt while portraits from his “After Show” series capture moments of exhaustion, excitement, and excess. Legendary photographer Wolfgang Tillmans offers images that span a generation of young people living out their sexual, political, and personal freedom. Contemporary photography by Camille Blake and George Nebieridze documents queer events like Herrensauna, Trade, and Pornceptual. Sven Marquardt’s black-and-white portraits of bouncers and barkeepers at Berghain focus on those outside the spotlight. Finally, Erez Israeli and Mike Riemel show admission stamps and a selection of flyers for Berlin raves—the only things you can take home after a night out without breaking the photography ban. Essays and personal interviews, scattered throughout this volume, create a backdrop that traces the history of club life in Berlin and describe the heady sense of utopian promise and the energy that sustained the culture for decades.

Sold out

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