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Nam June Paik – I Expose the Music (EN)

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The publication homes in on a feature of the work of media artist Nam June Paik that has been largely overlooked: live moments, a consistent element running all through his artistic career. The immediate experience of the audience and their active involvement are crucial components in Paik’s work. Starting with his early career as a composer, one focus of the book is on the way Paik approaches music as a score, a concept, and an event. His artistic ideas and methods are presentednwith reference to key series of works – including his performances, his participatory pieces, his interest in live television, and his multimedia works. This richly illustrated chronicle of his performances conveys a vivid impression of these live moments. Specially designed pages created by the artists Annika Kahrs, Autumn Knight, Aki Onda, and Samson Young underscore the relevance of Paik’s work today. Nam June Paik (1932-2006) was one of the twentieth century’s most important artists and a pioneer of video art. Christina Danick is a research associate at the Dortmunder U and co-curator of the exhibition. Rudolf Frieling is curator of media arts at the San Francisco Museum of Modern Art and guest curator of the exhibition. Regina Selter is director of Museum Ostwall and co-curator of the exhibition. Stefanie Weißhorn-Ponert is a research associate at Museum Ostwall and co-curator of the exhibition.

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