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Meister der Extrabold - Othmar Motter

Kaleidoscope #34 2019

Sold out

Kaleidoscope's issue #34, which marks the tenth anniversary, comes with a set of four collectable covers: A photograph by Ari Marcopolous introduces an extensive monographic File—comprising essays by Michael Veal and Andrea Lissoni—dedicated to Berlin-based artist Cyprien Gaillard. more

In his newest film, and across much of his work, the French artist looks at the realities taking place below ground—an excavation of lost and submerged histories providing a moving meditation on life as transformation. Rooted in the atmosphere of underground innovation that permeated London in the 1990s, MARTINE ROSE has pioneered a new, off-balance sense of proportion in menswear which exudes fun and authenticity. In this cover story photographed by Pascal Gambarte and modeled by Rose’s closest friends and family, Francesca Gavin follows the designer’s subcultural cues to unpack her tomboyish attitude and unrestricted definition of sexy.

Comes with different Covers.

Sold out


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Weight: 1.8 kg
Dimensions: 30 × 23 × 2.3 cm