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Juxtapoz Winter 2020

Juxtapoz Winter 2020

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After spending 2019 celebrating 25 years as a print publication, Juxtapoz is proud to kick off another 25 with perhaps one of the most influential artists in a generation, JR. more

The French artist is so much more than a photographer; he is a philanthropist, activist, filmmaker, community organizer, teacher and in some ways, one of the original voices of the street art generation. After Academy Award nominated films and museum retrospectives around the world, we visited JR during the install of his exhibition at the Brooklyn Museum to see what motivates one of the most energetic and prolific artists we know. Also in the Winter 2020 issue, we interview Prudence Flint, Danny Fox, Rebecca Ness, Borondo, Diedrick Brackens, Dominque Fung, Masako Miki, Adam Sorensen, Baldur Helgason, Lilian Martinez, Summer Wheat, Michael Jang and review the wonderful “Soul of a Nation” exhibition.

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