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It’s All About Freedom – Tomi Ungerer

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World famous for timeless classics such as The Three Robbers and Moon Man, Tomi Ungerer is considered one of the most influential graphic artists, illustrators, and children’s book authors. What is less well known, however, is that much of his drawing and graphic work was inspired by satirical observations of US society and politics. This beautifully-designed catalogue presents for the first time a cross-section from nine decades of his artistic work—from childhood drawings to collages and objects. Shedding new light on his work by making it possible to comprehend political and stylistic lines and breaks, it’s all about freedom offers deeper insights into the artistic dimension of the “freewheeling” artist’s extensive oeuvre. Featuring hitherto unpublished works, this catalogue identifies recurring biographical and sociopolitical motifs that Ungerer experimented with across genres—always informed by his ambiguous humor and cutting wit.

Sold out


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