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I Fuck With Turrell

I Fuck With Turrell

Ne travaillez jamais (DE)

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Publisher: Kodoji Press Article number: 19915 Category: Tags: ,
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In 2011 the BBB Vocational School in Baden initiated an art department dedicated for students who are training to become polymechanics, computer scientists, electronics technicians, chefs or hairdressers. The purpose is to allow them to experiment with new aesthetic opportunities through engaging with artists and the arts´scene. Serving as a visual intervention to demonstrate the importance of arts no matter what our professional priorities are, stimulating sensitivity to the various ways art infiltrates our lives, from advertisements, to extravagant performances, technology design, fashion and video games, this little, resiliently build book is also the documentation of the first phase of the BBB art department project.

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Dimensions: 17 × 13 × 1.3 cm