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Flash Art Fall 2020

Flash Art Fall 2020

Sold out

The Fall issue features:

Liliane Lijn. Reinventing the Archetype by Ciara Moloney ◯ Designed to Be Animated: Some Insights in Philippe Parreno’s Animism by Emanuele Coccia ◯ Desiring Machines: more

The Exhibition as Automaton in Philippe Parreno’s Work by Zoe Stillpass ◯ Space as Time / Time as Space: Philippe Parreno’s Delivered Time by Dorothea von Hantelmann ◯ Listen to This! Sound Art Reflections by Barbara London ◯ The Anticipatory Role of Germano Celant by Pascale Krief ◯ Germano Celant: Companion to Art by Terry Smith ◯ Special Issue on documenta V – Originally published in Flash Art no 32-33-34, May / July 1972 ◯ Ian Wilson: There Was a Discussion by Luca Cerizza ◯ Yona Friedman®: A Case Study from Radicalism to Idiocracy by François Roche ◯ THE CURATORIAL GAZE Episode I I I : Speech of an Object. A Column by Pierre Bal-Blanc ◯ NEWCOSTUME Episode II: 20471120: Ecstatic Exhibitionism. A Column by Matthew Linde ◯ Questionnaire. The Kitchen’s new residency programs: Autumn Knight at 512 West 19th Street and Baseera Khan at Queenslab ◯ Letter from the City by Ivana Bašić

Sold out

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