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Field Studies

Chrystel Lebas

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Condition: Heavily used

Following on the footsteps of English botanist Sir Edward James Salisbury, French photographer Chrystel Lebas takes her camera and ventures into long walks through the landscapes of the British Isles. more

She revisits the same sights Salisbury photographed back in the 1920s and 1930s. The photos Lebas takes are dark-toned plant habitats which evoke the solemn mysticism of dusk time. A special section of the book has pictures of plant species produced on light-sensitive paper without the use of a camera, wherefore the shape of plants juxtaposed against plain colour backgrounds come out surprisingly vibrant, and sharply clear.

Sold out


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Weight: 1,4 kg
Dimensions: 31,5 × 24 × 2,5 cm