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Entkunstung I

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Entkunstung is an independent journal which encourages thoughtful discussion about the contemporary art scene. This edition is dedicated to the nature of the arts, aesthetics, politics and power.

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Entkunstung is an independent journal with a bold reflective attitude toward the contemporary art scene. With 34 contributions in English and German, it is more of an artists’ forum of ideas in the form of a yearbook. The first of the four tackled questions puts “art” as a notion into perspective and brings up the non-self-evidentiality of the power of artworks. Art, cannot thrive in isolation from the work of the philosopher, the academic or the theoretician. The second chapter ponders on the relevance of knowledge and intelligence to the aesthetics of an art creation. The third chapter basically attempts to figure the extent to which artists should stay engaged in political matters pertinent to human rights and climate change. Whereas the last one digs even deeper and explores the different meanings of power through analysis of everyday “power-ful” moments.

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