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CURA. #39 2022

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Are We Eternal Beings? In today’s era of increasingly eroding certainties, artists survey the fundamental questions of life and death, extinction and immortality, investigating the impact that fragments of the past, technology, and collective behavior can have in becoming active agents of change, transformation, and connection. We are moving into a future where technology is going to turn our memories of what we have lost into something more objective. Artistic surveying explores the great mysteries of human existence, diving into the essence of life, in a de-extinction process triggered by the anxiety of natural decay. In the Anthropocene, human beings impose things on the world. But life always emerges from ruins, and the huge and the minuscule seem to co-exist in the same element, forcing viewers to abandon their human stare. Mythical narratives provide a way to think about the experience of life where each element is permeated by and correlated with the others. Some stories start at the end and we are all part of the same destiny.

Sold out


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Dimensions: 28 × 21 × 2,5 cm