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Blau International #5 Winter 2021 / 2022

15,00  inkl. MwSt., zzgl. Versand

In this issue, early feminist artist Joan Semmel talks about her life spent painting ahead of the curve. The youthful Florian Krewer invites fashion designer Jonathan Anderson into his voyeuristic yet judgement-free work. And Matthew Barney re-emerges from the woods, still flexing those mythical muscles. more

Other highlights include a fashion editorial by Marie Chaix and Camille Vivier; Glenn Lowry recalling his life-defining epiphany brought about by Islamic miniatures; an oral history of David Hammons narrated by close friends, lettered critics, and major curators; the fulfillment of François Halard childhood dream at the Scarpa-designed Museo Canova; Lu Yang’s use of the avatar to destroy narcissistic single-mindedness; the fully chromatic work of Somaya Critchlow, explained by Alison M. Gingeras; Dirk Schümer’s essay on Diego Velázquez, a painter of royal rot; and the man trusted by those you most admire, Bill Katz. Plus, our brand-new columnist – David Rimanelli!


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