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Blau International #4 Summer 2021

Blau International #4 Summer 2021

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In this issue, Georg Baselitz, at 83, will surprise or even shock in the most in-depth magazine interview of his laborious career. Plus, Deana Lawson talks in rare detail about her miraculous work, saying, “We all have this amazing potential power, the ability to occupy different dimensions of reality at once.”
Other highlights include a fashion editorial by Marie Chaix and Oliver Hadlee Pearch; Mary Boone talking Basquiat, boom, and bust; David Chipperfield detailing his invisible restoration of Mies van der Rohe’s Neue Nationalgalerie; the deliverance of the sinfully misunderstood Giotto; Raphaela Vogel guiding us through our digital dystopia; Pieter Slagboom admitting he is a problem “in every respect”; ancient stones questioning the origin of man and art; David Salle recalling the early days he let go by in New York; and the ceramics of Miquel Barceló.



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