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Art Review March 2021

Art Review March 2021

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We look back on the work of the late Izumi Suzuki, the countercultural icon and sci-fi legend who, starting in the 1960s, revolutionised the genre of science fiction in Japan. more

In this time of malaise and isolation, Los Angeles-based Iranian artist and writer Gelare Khoshgozaran speaks to the value and power of dreams. Her latest film, delivered through the post box of one of ArtReview’s contributors, is a fractured, unfinished dream diary that points towards ‘a desire for escape, from the ruin, the virus, the violence’. From dreams to new forms of representation, we speak to Deutsche Börse Photography Prize-winner Mohamed Bourouissa as he prepares for a retrospective in London, with works that negotiate the visibility and portrayal of marginalised communities in different parts of the world. And artists Maurizio Cattelan and Chen Zhen speak to each other across the years and from opposite sides of the great divide (the Chinese-French conceptual artist died in 2000). Elsewhere, Tala Madani tells Ross Simonini about fighting conservatism with transgression. Plus Su Hui-Yu, Feral Atlas, a subversive rehanging of art in São Paulo, a roundup of Paris gallery offerings and reviews from London, Rome, Bangkok, New York, Dubai and Seoul. And reviews of the latest book releases.



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