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Acne Paper #17 2022 – Atticus

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When Acne Paper was relaunched last year, it arrived as a hybrid between a book and a magazine, reimagined in a new format and bold design direction: expanding to 500 pages. The new issue of Acne Paper has taken the idea of a hybrid one step further. Part biography, part novel, part cultural art journal, part fashion magazine, this experimental and interdisciplinary issue is imagined around the story of Atticus: a fictional personality in the art world who will celebrate his one hundred year birthday during the Acne Paper launch in Milan this November. The center piece of the publication is a written memoir by Atticus. Within its five chapters Atticus narrates us through his cultured life where he starts out as a dancer, first with Balanchine, then with Merce Cunningham, before becoming an art world personality. In his vivid reflections illuminating chosen moments of his life we meet a dazzling gallery of art world giants, dancers, musicians, writers, designers, architects and people Atticus has admired, encountered and befriended. Contributors: Beat Bolliger, Tatiana Gecmen-Waldeck, Fabio Cherstich, James Craven, Andrew Durbin, Pierre-Alexandre Fillaire, Angelo Flaccavento, Michele Fossi, Natasha Fraser-Cavassoni, Justin French, Cho Gi-Seok, Irena Haiduk, Raphael Hirsch, Mark Hughes, Ibrahim Kamara, Paul Kooiker, Jon Levitt, Dimitra Louana Marlanti, Glen Mban, Evan Moffitt, Keisuke Otobe, Luis Alberto Rodriguez, James Spencer, Robbie Spencer, Amelia Stevens and William Waterworth.



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